In Every Fabric, There's a Silver Lining

In Every Fabric, There's a Silver Lining

We believe all apparel has potential. Come to us for tailor services & clothing alterations

Maybe you inherited your grandmother's old blouses. Perhaps your wife purchased a non-returnable suit... in the wrong size. You can still pull together a stylish look with the help of TM Alterations. Our seamstress has design training and will creatively reimagine your most bizarre pieces of clothing. As a Minnesota sewing expert, owner Thanh can offer fashion advice and fix embroidery disasters.

Why choose TM Alterations?

Our alterations company handles diverse fabrics and efficiently tailors:

  • Business wear
  • Casual wear
  • Formal wear
  • Suits and tuxedos
  • Evening dresses
If you're looking for a statement piece and haven't had much luck, consider contracting Thanh for custom clothing. Call 507-258-6051 to discuss your favorite patterns, designers and shades. We also offer zipper work. For alterations that completely alter your style (in a good way), contact TM Alterations.